Alma Chains

Alma Chains Eyewear Accessory - Jimmy

  • Your sunnies won't be wearing Jimmy, Jimmy will be wearing your sunnies! This guy is handsome, boxy and all about the brass. Somewhat of an icon, this chain is dedicated to all the rebels without a cause.

    alma chains harmonizes function with style, bringing a new meaning to the sunglasses and spectacle chains of yesteryear. Sunglasses and spectacles are the 24hr accessory, necessary at all given moments. What better way to keep your eyewear handy than with a beautifully designed alma chain. Now when Darcie and Anji travel, the girls have two vital accessories; their sunglasses, and their alma chain.
  • Brass Chain
    Black rubber ends with silver coloured coil
    Brass plated ‘alma’ pendant
    Approx 60cm long for MID, approx 80cm long for LONG
    3.2mm wide
    Approx 23g for MID, approx 33g for LONG
    Clean with a damp cloth and keep dry whenever possible
    Avoid snagging on delicate clothing
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