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April 11, 2016 3 min read

The inaugural start to festival season is upon us! Coachella kicks off next weekend and we are ecstatic! We’ve gone through sartorial conditions, researched our celebrity and blogger style muses; and prepared to adjust our outfits accordingly if the Californian desert throws some freaky weather our way. Now, for the music.

That is what it’s all about after all! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite acts from both weekends to ensure you know what’s hot, what’ll be happening, and so you can enjoy a wide variety of musical talent. Get keen honeys, we hope you enjoy our favorites too!



The Scottish trio skyrocketed into our ears after hitting the BBC’s Sound of 2013 list. Promising talent has leapt into a sound reflecting British pop and electronica of yesteryear. Imagine a homage to Depeche Mode, New Order and Joy Division. Now picture that as cleaner, indietronica - there you have Chvrches! Led by the beautiful vocals of pint-sized Lauren Mayberry, this is one group that can-not-be-missed!


A$AP Rocky

At. Long. Last. A$AP. ‘Nuf said. In all seriousness though, he’s a powerhouse rapper that dares to experiment. His sound is expansive: dabbling across blues, rock, deep funk and much, much more. Like the man himself, we are confident you’re going to dig it!


Purity Ring 

This electronic duo hails from Canada, balancing delicate notes dabbled with danger to their tracks. Though their second album embraces minimalism, the textures to their pop hits of the first are sure to resurface at the festival. Prepare for feel-good pulses and a versatile set!


Ice Cube 

The man needs no introduction. Rap storyteller, icon, and revolutionary. As one of the original members of N.W.A., Cube is an assured lyricist and phenomenal MC. Coachella-goers are in for a treat watching the big man himself!



This group has been kicking around for well over a decade, bringing us electronic gems and dream-like pop. Boasting multi-instrumentalist’s and a sound that echoes the tenderness of Pink Floyd; M83 is haunting and ambitious! This French band is sure to excite the imagination!



There’s something in the water at Oxford. Foals is a stirring live act and sensational band that mixes dance punk with indie rock! With their killer riffs and uninhibited vocals, the English group is sure to knock your socks off!


Anderson Paak

It’s no secret that rap is personal. Earlier this year, the homegrown talent dropped his third album, highlighting his most assured project yet. Paak is a man that holds as much conversation as soul. His presence is confident and always festive - he’s sure to be a treat on the stage this year!



Australian electronic music producer, Harley Streten (stage name, Flume), got in the game early - creating music from the age of thirteen. His years of experimental electronica affirmed a powerful talent that has been rippling through indie and mainstream charts since his debut in 2012. Although collaborations with dynamite acts such as Mike Snow, Lorde, and Chet Faker, have been noted, he is a musical tour de force in his own right!



More like GOOD-GOOD-NOT-BAD (though their stage name suggests otherwise)! Toronto post-pop group combines the quirk of improv music to instrumental hip hop. Vibes are all leisure, soul and goodtime-jazz! These imaginative beatmakers have collaborated with acts such as Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killah and Frank Ocean, proving that they can spin R&B noir with the big boys!


Beach House 

American sweethearts and festival favourites, Beach House, are a whimsy pop duo from Baltimore. Their rhythms are gracing Coachella for a second time and one can expect an eclectic set mix from the six albums under their belt. The vocals of Victoria Legrand emulate those of Nico, paired with Alex Scally’s psychedelic melodies, the pair are sure to bring a great deal of ethereal goodness!

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