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Blog Spotlight: Jessica from Hapa Time

September 16, 2013 3 min read

Here at zeroUV, we are happy to have just finished an interview with the lovely Jessica Ricks from one of our favorite blogs, Hapa Time! Creating such individualistic and chic outfits, Jessica Ricks has been one our partners for quite some time now and we just absolutely love her taste and how she cleverly incorporates our products into her daily wardrobe! Born and raised in California, Hapa Time Blog has created such a strong and phenomenal fanbase with her classy and creative looks.

Why have we chosen Jessica Ricks to interview? Ever since we began working with Hapa Time Blog, we have seen so much talent and her stylistic trends grow and become big sensations. While featuring our zeroUV sunnies, Jessica has take the time to really connect and incorporate our products to its fullest potential. We absolutely adore her here at the office! Along with her fashion, Jessica enjoys cooking and painting! Down below we had taken the time to ask her a few questions that we feel like our followers and supporters would like to know from a well adored fashion blogger! 
1. Who was one of your first fashion icons that you would say influence your current fashion style? 
Jessica Alba! A long time ago - I don't really pay attention to her style anymore though.
2. What countries do you find inspiring to your fashion sense? 
I seem to find the most interest in American (ie shea marie), Spain (ie jessie kass), Norway (ie petra) and Swedish bloggers (ie kenzas)!
3. If you could describe your closet in one word, what would it be? 
4. Who is your favorite fashion designer and why?
I love far too many but I would say I especially love Rag and Bone for the most consistent, effortless chic.
5. When you wake up in the morning, what item of your wardrobe do you pick out first?
Bottoms or dress!
6. Tell us about your fashion sense and how it has changed throughout the years?
It has definitely become more polished and classy as I got older and especially after I started blogging! On my off "polished" days I always go for the simple, clean and edgiest pieces.
7. Which season consists of your favorite trends and styles? 
Definitely fall and spring. These are the most versatile seasons!
8. What are some hobbies that you have relating to fashion? 
Shopping! Haha... Unrelated though - I love reading, cooking, painting and watching movies :)
9. Which item from your wardrobe can you not live without and why?
A great pair of jeans because they both look and feel good but can also be dressed both up and down :)
10. What is a piece of advice that you can give to your fans and upcoming fashion inspirations out there? 
Don't start a blog because "everybody is doing it," start one because you are passionate about fashion, writing and/or photography! And if you are interested in fashion, go for it! There are so many job opportunities in this super fun industry!
We are so honored to be working with such a passionate and fashionable young lady! Having such admiration and love from her fans and readers, we are all so excited to see what she has in store when it comes to upcoming looks and outfits! xoxo

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