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Blog Diaries: Elle-May Leckenby

August 12, 2015 5 min read

Hope you guys are ready meet another favorite blogger of ours! We had the lovely opportunity to interview Australia's sunshine girl, Elle-May Leckenby! Always radiating such joy and positive vibes, Elle-May's blog perfects the art of individualism. She's always staying true to herself and introduces her fellow followers to her own magical world of fashion and design. Get to know Elle-May more personally as you dive into her thoughts on fashion and how it's changed her life for the better!

1) Let us start off with the typical, but most popular question (because we all want to know!): When and how did it all begin?Were there any inspirations or motivations in the makings of your fashion blog?

Okay! So I started out obsessed with these photographers through Flickr, back in the days of myspace too. I was about 14 I guess. I would get home from school and just look through these people's flickr profiles. My sister and I would even print off their photography and stick it to our school books / on our walls / next to our mirrors. I felt like I was looking at another planet when I saw how they photographed their lives.

Most from California or Canada.
Some girls would take self portraits in these cool tops with ripped backs etc. I thought it was so amazing so I started to take some of my own. From there it escalated to posting to (my sister introduced me to this website in 2009). And then I just got so much global encouragement it was a HUUGE confidence booster for me in my teens, and I got hooked. Not just to photography and styling outfits but capturing a mood through an image and just expressing myself! 

2) You are such a loved and admired individual in the fashion world! Hundreds and thousands look up to you as a fashion inspiration and role model. Do you have any personal inspirations or fashion bloggers that you look up to? If so, can you name a few and why?
Okay, I love this Blog called HoneyPielivingetc I think the girls lives in Bali and she photographs in this musted / rustic style. The interior and architecture / light is always soo interesting. I also love FrouFrouu a blogger / photographer from NY. She is just super cool and always wearing these drap-y/ unisex kind of clothes, I get soo inspired by her gritty film images too! Also Maja W, she just defines what a modern stylish person is haha. 

3) What is that one special article of fashion that you absolutely cannot leave the house without? 

I am honestly not saying this because I am speaking with ZeroUV but honest, SUNGLASSES! they are a lifesaver. Especially  because I am from Australia and live in the Sunshine State QLD. I need to block out that glare with a nice tint ;)

4) To get to know you on a more fun and personal level, what is your favorite movie, food/drink, place, book, and color? :)

Ooo this is hard. 
Food: definitely Sushi, anything Japanese, drink: chocolate frappe! 
Movie: soo many, I love anything set in the 1800s or based on historical events. Maybe Marie Antoinette haha.
Place: Beach / cliff edges or high up deep into the mountains, on a windy day!
Colour: Green!!
Book: I guess I am not reading so much, I like reading Psalms from the bible, they constantly encourage me! 

5) The fashion shows, photo editing, and a closet full of delightful apparel: the life of a fashion blogger seems like so much fun! But I notice and realize that it must take a lot of time, effort, and dedication. Along with the wonderful joys and privileges, can you share any difficulties or challenges you face(d) as a fashion blogger? 

I don't see much as work. Because I am loving what I do, I think I am also a light hearted person. For me probably just budgeting and trying to live off of it. This means I have to organize how / when to post things etc. That's probably the hardest bit for me! 

6) Going off of the previous question, fashion blogging definitely requires a lot of time and dedication. Has it in any way affected your career? Has it lead you in a new direction in life?

TOTALLY!! I never thought I would be living off of it! This makes me feel so blessed that I have total creative control over what I am doing. And it does mean I invest a lot of time into it, but I think regardless of if it was my means of income or not I would be doing it. So I just thank God that I can combine the two! I think if you are passionate enough about something, there is no way you can imagine living life without involving that into your days! 

7) Which is your favorite season to dress for and why?

Autumn! I think because you can be super experimental. Wearing jackets with boots but bare legs. It's a bit more unpredictable so I feel like I have more range. Also I think my appearance colouring suits the colours that are always in for Autumn! haha 

8) Being in the fashion world means being exposed to new exhibits of style and design, which seem to come out in quite constant patterns. Do you ever find it difficult to stay independent with your style, creating your own individualistic looks? 

I think at the beginning I was so strong in my style and so clear on what I liked and wouldn't go for. As time moves on though you keep becoming more inspired and as a result I am so much more experimental and I will see almost anything in a good light. I think for me it's more about colour / texture so this helps me stay true to a consistent style :) 

9) Everyone's has their guilty pleasures, hobbies, and personal interests. Can you please share what other activities you enjoy outside of fashion blogging and what best interests you?

I looove going for just loong beach walks, or day trips with friends or family to new environments/ little towns. I love baking with chocolate haha, I have always loved baking. Also music and film are a huge part of my life. I also love going for long bike rides or swimming in pools / the ocean, I could spend all day doing this! 

10) Last but not least, what do you feel is your biggest accomplishment as a fashion blogger? What would you advise to the next generation of young, inspired fashion bloggers?

The feeling of knowing that if I am impacting at least one person as much as those other photographers influenced me when I was young, that is the biggest accomplishment. Because it's a feeling or inspiration you get, you can't put a price on it, you remember it forever and it shapes who you are! To think I am doing this for other people is my biggest accomplishment and I think it will always be! 
I think the advice I am most strong about, is make sure you are creating what you love / are passionate about. if this is the case and you are strong enough about it, I don't think it can go wrong. Don't be scared to go all out with it too, and definitely don't let criticism stunt you, it is only there for a step up!

And there you have it! We love Elle-Mays individualism and 
embrace her happy-go-lucky outlook on life. Always a pleasure and honor working with this sweet fashionista ♥  Hope you enjoyed reading her thoughts as much as we did! Stay tuned for our next upcoming interview! 


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