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July 06, 2015 6 min read

We had the great honor of capturing a Behind-the-Scenes exclusive of the lovely Eunice Kim, curator of Eunique Kollection. To bring you an exclusive look inside a blogger's shoot, we tagged along with them for a day full of adventure, photos, and good times. Read all about this eunique blogger and her triumphs in the world of fashion in our BTS interview diaries. Enjoy!

Q: Let's start off with the popular, most eagerly asked question: When and how did it all begin? What got you motivated to embark on running a fashion blog?
I’ve always been fond of piecing together outfits and loved fashion since I was in junior high. When I got my first job at a women’s young contemporary clothing line as Marketing Director, I started styling for the brand and for myself. I started sharing my looks on Instagram where it was well received. People suggested I should blog, so that’s when I first set up Eunique Kollection back in July 2013, but didn’t start actively blogging till the beginning of 2014, which is when I started working with my current photographer & good friend, Luis.

Q: It’s said that a photo speaks a thousand words. A fashion blogger largely based on the great photos they provide for their followers. An important aspect of being a fashion blogger is choosing the right photographer.How did you and your photographer meet?
One photo can imply even the most complex of stories, which is why I’m very picky about the photos I post on my blog. Photography is a passion hobby of mine, so choosing the right photographer was a bit difficult at first. Luis (@pactography) and I met on set for at a lookbook photoshoot for Kaii (@shopkaii), which I produced and styled. He was the Assistant Photographer and we kept in touch ever since. I would have never known back then that we would work this much together. If I knew beforehand, I would have warned myself (just kidding, Luis!). 

Q: Do you and your photographer balance each other out? How is your dynamic when shooting?
We work very well together. It takes me a while to warm up at first, so Luis directs me well and encourages me to loosen up with his occasionalYassss!! comments when the shot turns out well. Having background knowledge of photography helps me understand his directions and even bounce ideas off of him when it comes to setting up the location and/or shot. We joke around a lot too so its not tedious work; its a fun collaboration.

Q: Each and every one of your looks have a different touch - fun, classy, casual, sophisticated, simple, vintage, indie, bohemian, and so much more! If any, what challenges do you face to be so creative and to come up with such unique looks every time, or does it just come naturally?
I actively challenge myself to be of an eclectic variety or well-rounded as a person, which is probably why it leaks through onto my style choices. Most of time, my outfits are based on these 2 elements: (1) my mood, and (2) the weather. Most of the outfits I post on my blog are the refined versions of ensembles I wore on a normal day, which is another reason why they vary. Styling and design has always come naturally, but refining it to be creative, unique, & effective is something I had to acquire through trial & error, and years of building my wardrobe collection. I realized over time that accessorizing too much is an outfits downfall. However, if you do it right by artfully coordinating a balanced amount of accessories and making sure that each piece you put on has it’s own purpose, the entire look and feel of an outfit can change drastically. 

I admire the weird, the quirky, and the uniqueness of anything (hence the name, Eunique Kollection), so the biggest challenge for me is attaining these unique pieces that would make the right type of statement without being too loud and ostentatious. Simply put, there’s too many of the same things out there. The pieces that are truly exceptional, different, and unique comes with the price of an arm and a leg. It’s kind of like seeing a painting in your mind and not having the tools to create it.

Q:  Going off from the previous question, how do you plan your outfits for your shoots for each blog post? Do you have inspirations when it comes to your outfits?
As stated above, it really depends on my mood, the weather, and what I’ve worn and loved before. Other times, it’s inspired by a key focal element (i.e. boldly colored jacket, statement pieces, juxtapositional contrast, etc). We shoot multiple outfits in one day, so the night before, I try on each outfit and take detailed photos of what I’m wearing. It helps me remember how to style it exactly because changing in the back of the car can make you forget a thing or two.

Q:What's the one wardrobe essential you can't live without?
Leather jacket. Effortless cool chic-ness no matter what you’re wearing. You can never go wrong with it (except in the summer).

Q: The life of a fashion blogger seems like so much fun! But I notice and realize that it must take a lot of time, effort, and dedication, especially photo editing. Can you share your process when it comes to choosing the photos you decide to feature on your blog? Does your photographer help with the selection and editing process? 
In exchange for his work, I select and process the photos myself. I want it to be a mutually beneficial collaboration between my photographer and me, so I don’t add more work onto his load. Plus, he’s not very fond of editing, but I don’t blame him. It can be quite tedious. I minored in Graphic Design in college so I’m familiar with the Adobe Creative Suite programs. It also gives me a chance to add my own artistic touch to it through the way I color/filter each photo, but I try not to retouch the image itself because I want it to be real and not some glorified unrealistic fake Photoshop version of me.
Q: Here's a fun question that'll get us to know you better!: We had the lovely privilege of meeting your adorable cats! Tell us a little bit about them? Which is most like you, personality wise?
It was so great for the ZeroUV crew to meet them! They’re literally the main stars in most of my snaps (Snapchat: @heyy_eunayyy), and it’s no secret that I’m thee crazy cat lady amongst my group of friends. For the readers that don’t know, I have two cats: Loki and Chloe. Personality-wise, my 2-year-old maine coon Chloe is most like me. She’s stand-offish at first, but super sweet once you gain her trust and affection. She’s docile and keeps to herself, until you rub her the wrong way (literally). Piss her off and she’ll f**k sh** up like the fierce tigress that she is. I guess you can say that she got it from her mama. ;)

Loki, my 3-month old tuxedo kitten, is a big ball of energy with the sweetest eyes and Charlie Chaplin mustache. My friends found him under their car after a super lowkey event (hence the name “Loki”) where we got to see Porter Robinson and Mat Zo for free in LA after Coachella Weekend 1. The night was memorable as is so when my friends and I reconvened afterwards and they walked in with him cuddled in a jacket, I knew it was fate. As cat-crazy as I may sound already, I’ve always wanted a black and white tuxedo cat and was inactively looking for kitty numero dos to keep Chloe company. So when I saw his cute little face and tuxedo colors, I knew right away that he was coming home with me. Thus, I took this 4-week-old kitty from the streets and into my bed sheets where he now lives a rags-to-riches lifestyle being spoiled with copious amounts of love.
2 down, 3 more to go till I reach Lvl 100 Crazy Cat Lady status. 

Q: Everyone has their own fun little hobbies and personal interests! Can you please share what other activities you enjoy outside of fashion blogging and what best interests you?
Remember when I said earlier that I try to be of an eclectic variety? I have too many hobbies and interests to make a coherent sentence, so bear with me as I try to list them: Styling, Cooking, Adventuring (i.e. hiking, exploring new places, traveling, causing mischief, sneaking onto rooftops, etc.), Doodling/drawing, Trying new restaurants and bars, Dancing, Working out, Cats, Yoga, Catching up on the latest in the advertising world, Netflix, Analyzing how movies and shows are made and missing out on the story because I’m too caught up in the BTS production of it, Arts & crafts, Eating ice-cream, Thrift store shopping, Wine tasting, Shopping/styling for friends, Showing people my hood (aka Koreatown), Biking from Venice to Santa Monica and back, Solo adventures, Staring at the ocean …. the list can go on.
Q: Lastly,what would you advise to the next generation of young fashion-seeking bloggers?
No one likes fakeness. Don’t do it for the wrong reasons because people will be able to see right through it. Do it for something greater than yourself and incite positivity. And it’s not all about what you wear, it’s more about how you wear it. Be you and don’t be afraid to be different.
Don't you just love her?! Such an inspiration to so many young fashionistas, we can't wait to see what else is in store for this lovely gem. Hope you enjoyed our interview with the wonderful Eunice. Until next time!

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